Suddenly butter isn’t bad for you anymore. I don’t know how it started but for the past 20 years or so butter was evil and margarine was good; now it’s reversed. Given the process involved in creating butter (pretty basic) and how long butter has been around (very long), I’m siding with the traditional view that butter is good and margarine is evil. Read for yourself this nice summary by Dr. Mercola:  .

There are countless rep schemes lifters can use to get results.  While I think the optimal range varies based on a TON of factors (including your goals, your current fitness level, your joint health, your age, your eating habits, your other non-lifting exercises, etc. and let’s not forget genetics), I think Christian does a great job categorizing these:  .

Do you have tight hamstrings? There’s a really good chance it’s because of weak glutes. I can tell you from personal experience that when I started properly training glutes, most of my hamstring tightness dissipated (including less cramping when running). This great article by Chad Waterbury (on Brett’s site) highlights that there are simple ways to train glutes very frequently. The link on that site is Brett’s affiliate link – prefer to use my affiliate link, just email me and I’ll get it to you.  .

Enjoy!  Darrin

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