pic: Can you guess the cause of my running injury?
Can you guess the cause of my running injury?

I made a stupid exercise mistake last week.  One that could impact my fitness routine for months because of the resulting injury.  I want to share it with you, because hopefully you won’t repeat it.

Even though injury is no laughing matter, what I’d like to do is make this into a game of sorts.  What I’ll do is first, describe the resulting injury.  Then I’ll give you various facts about my exercise, eating, and lifestyle leading up to the injury.

Then you guess what the biggest cause of the injury was.

For some of you it will be obvious but for others not so much.  In this case, the injury was from running.  But lifters could make the same kind of mistake.

Everyone who leaves a reply will get a prize!  And the best answer (based solely on my opinion) will get an even bigger prize.

The Prizes

Everyone who posts an answer in the comments section at the end (by Wednesday), with their guess as to the most direct cause, will get a copy of my ebook called Train Better.  This 200 page ebook has some of the best LeanLifters articles consolidated for you.

The best answer, in my opinion, will get Train Better AND will get a copy of my lifting routine Fat Burn Furnace.

Duplicate answers are fine, but if the “best” answer is given by more than one person, then the first person gets the routine.


Here’s What Happened

During a recent run, one of my knees starting aching a bit.  By the time I was done, it hurt a lot.  30 minutes after getting home, I couldn’t walk down the stairs without screaming in pain.  Yes, I mean screaming.  My knee was shot and the pain was unreal.  No visible swelling though.  Pain subsided a few hours later but an attempt to slowly jog 2 days later had to be aborted.

Here Are Various Facts Leading Up To The Injury

[Note – while all these facts are true, some of these have nothing to do with the injury – they are included to make you think hard about causes…]

  1. The run in question was 8 miles.
  2. I had a little pain in that same knee during the previous run, which was 5 miles.
  3. I have been eating slightly less for the past few weeks.
  4. I’ve been doing a new lifting routine and was 5 weeks into it.  I’m calling this routine the PPL Program (details to come later, after I’ve thoroughly tested it) and a key factor is that each muscle group alternates from heavy, to light, to medium in terms of weight load.  So, for legs, over 8 days I’d do 1 heavy day, one light day, and one medium day.
  5. During the winter I didn’t run too much, once or twice a week.  But normally I run 3 times a week.  I started running a3x/wk again about 2 months ago.
  6. Over the past 4 weeks, here are the runs I’ve done.   The ” — ” indicates the start of a new week.
    — 4, 4, 3 — 4, 5, 4 — 6, 4, 6 — 9, 5, 8 — 5, 8  [that last one was the “fail” run]
  7. To get lean for summer, I’ve been doing some early morning fasted walks.  About twice a week, two miles each, in addition to the above.
  8. A week before the fail run, I spent most of the day in a car driving.
  9. My PPL workout is the first time I’ve done pistol squats regularly (very challenging, deep, single-leg squat movements).

So What Was The Major Cause?

Now is when you hit the “Leave A Reply” button and state what you think the cause was.  Remember, there’s a lesson in here for all of us, even if you aren’t a runner.  The lesson applies to lifting too.  I’ll follow up after a few days with an article on what the cause was and what the lesson is for all of us.

Let’s hear from you!

UPDATE:  Read this:  http://leanlifters.com/the-cause-of-the-problem/

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