Videos For Major Weightlifting Exercises

I figured I'd spend a few hours scouring the web for some videos that demonstrate good form for three critical weigh training exercises: deadlifts, squats, and standing military press. The first two usually involve huge weight, and people often get all three forms wrong. And that can lead to injury. Not good....
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Exercises & Routines

Hardgainers Guide to Build Lean Muscle

By Mark Dale There are countless fitness fanatics that regularly attend a gym in order to build lean muscle mass. They struggle for a much better physique but all too often they do not attain their goals. As the months pass by they become more and more frustrated with their absence of muscle mass gains. This can be a...
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Mike Geary Interview Part 2 – Common Food Mistakes That Keep Your Abs Hidden By Fat

A few days ago, I sent you the interview which discussed various training aspects to consider for stripping off stubborn belly fat and uncovering those six pack abs that everyone wants. Today, I have the rest of the interview with Abs-Expert Mike Geary dealing with the best nutrition secrets to apply if you want to have any chance of...
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Dieting & Food

Mike Geary’s Free E-Book, Interview

Last week Mike Geary had a post and we had a lot of interest, so I got Mike to give away his original e-book, Training & Nutrition Secrets For a Lean Body. Just for being a LeanLifters subscriber, you can download it by clicking the link (the title itself in the previous sentence!) or the picture to the right:...
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Science News For Building Lean Muscle – Jan 25 2009

Editor’s note – There is so much monthly science news when it comes to muscle fitness, that it’s probably hard for you to keep up.  In these occasional posts, I’ll summarize various items of research in the past 90 days or so.  I’ll cite the official reports so that the hard-core of you can read the science for yourself. ...
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