Lessons From A Champion Powerlifter

Buddy McKee squatting 810 Lbs. at age 53 at the APF Louisiana Open in Sept. 09 Buddy McKee hasn’t followed a typical path. It’s been an exceptional path, covering multiple sports, various powerlifting records, NFL free-agent, competitive bodybuilder, full-contact karate (before MMA was in vogue), teacher, and coach.  And if that weren’t enough, he...
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A Few 12/26 Reminders…

Three quick reminders: 1) Hypertrofreak is available at and anyone who comments on the forums by December 31 will get a 20% coupon.  More news about the program coming in January. 2) I’m working on consolidating emails so that you get multiple articles in each email.  Bear with me if the formats don’t come out right!  Also, of...
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Science News For Building Lean Muscle – November 2009

Here's a new science update for you. Members of LeanLifters get to read the whole thing.

Please post a comment on this. Of all the articles I write each month, the Science updates are always the most work. So I need to know if they are adding value. Maybe better would be to do separate, longer articles...
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Insights From Readers – Interviews

Ever wonder what other readers of worldfitnessnetwork are doing for their workouts? What's working for them? What isn't?

I've started asking some of our readers - normal people like you - to talk to me about their routines. I think you'll learn from these interviews and get inspired!

For LeanLifters members, I'll send you a separate...
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It’s a Reach To Say You Must Stretch

It's great to see mainstream news catching up with the science behind exercise. Usually, I complain about how popular media get it wrong. But here's a story from The Washington Post that confirms what you've heard here on for a while.

I've reprinted the original article, which appeared online on October 30, 2009.

There's no evidence stretching prevents...
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On The Road – Day 7

Today was the last day of my trip - whew! 6 airports and two destination cities, plus business conferences, was quite a challenge.

I learned a lot myself by writing all this down for you - the act of writing gave me a few insights I might have otherwise glossed over so thanks for indulging me. I hope...
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On The Road – Day 6

Ready for Day 6 of my week-long business trip? No, I'm not going to start talking about the business issues - but hopefully the past several posts are giving you ideas you can use the next time you travel. You are probably also seeing that while I'm far from perfect, I take my fitness and eating very seriously....
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