Now Scheduling March Clinics In Thetford, VT

March clinics are full!  I haven’t decided if I’ll be offering more free clinics because I’m starting up the Metabolic Group Training and Obstacle Course Training.

[the info below is for previous clinics – if you want to be added to the notification list, email me at darrinclement @ .]

What are these?  I’m doing these clinics as a way for people of various experience levels to learn how to improve (or start) some of the basic strength movements. It’s ok if you have zero experience because these are to help you learn.

These aren’t going to be “workouts” per se, meaning that you won’t leave the clinic saying “that was a good workout”. You should leave saying “Now I know how to do (x) better.” There will be no charge for these clinics. But I will have to have you sign a liability waiver.

If you are looking for a trainer or a regular program to get stronger or “in better shape”, those are described here.

What does it cover?  I tailor the sessions a little bit based on the attendees but the intention is to cover the following in two parts:

  • Squats – barbell is the goal but we work through starter versions like bodyweight, chair squats, potato sack squats, etc.
  • Bench Press – but we’ll start with pushups and variations
  • Pullups and Chinups – even if you can’t do any yet, you’ll learn how to make progress
  • Overhead Pressing – we’ll do some screening first and many people aren’t ready for overhead pressing
  • Rows – everyone should be doing some basic rowing movement and we’ll cover variations
  • Deadlift – only for intermediates
  • Core Training – critical for everyone; even if you think you know core training, I’ll add some things you probably haven’t considered
  • Your Q&A!  Of course everyone has their own interests and I’ll do my best to help with other topics

What is the cost?  Totally free!

What if I have mobility issues?  It’s important to note that I am not a physical therapist and these clinics are designed for healthy people.  It’s fine if you have minor issues like limited range shoulder motion or some other issues.  You’ll need to sign a waiver on this.

How do I register and how do I contact you?  For the most part, if you are seeing this page it’s because you already have emailed me.  To confirm, use email.  If you don’t have my email address, you can use darrinclement @ .

Can I invite a friend? Absolutely!  Just have them email me.  Spread the word!

How are they organized?  Depending on total response, I will determine how to group people for these clinics. Then I break the sessions into a) squat, bench press (and pushups), overhead press (for some people) and b) chinups, rows, and deadlifts (for some people) plus core strength.

What if I’m beyond “intermediate”?  I definitely want to talk with you!  I love working with people who already have a lot of experience so please email me.

What are the times and days?  I’m still deciding that so what I need from you is to email me which of the following would work best for you.  If all are ok for you, then say so.   Each would last about 1 hr 15 min.


  1. Saturdays at 10 am; Mar 7 and Mar 14
  2. Saturdays at 1 pm; Mar 7 and Mar 14
  3. Thursdays at 7 pm; Mar 12 and Mar 19

Great, I’m in Where are these?  We’ll hold these in my gym (renovated garage).  Plenty of room for small groups.  I’ll email you the location separately.  Parking will be very tight so just do your best.

What do I do to prepare beforehand? There really isn’t any big prep beforehand.  Dress in layers – shorts/t-shirt under sweats or something. No prizes are awarded for fashion here. Anyone wearing headbands and striped spandex from the 1980s, will be escorted outside.  Shoes – ideally comfortable shoes that are fairly dense – sneakers are fine, but really cushy sneakers interfere a bit with good form.
– a water bottle
– a hand towel
– a notebook (if you want)
– if you want to film anything on your phone, you are welcome to but you’ll need to get the other attendees to agree if they are in the video
– any questions you have

I’m excited to see you (or meet you for the first time)!

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