Here’s a quick summary of the benefits of Lifting Complexes. If you missed part 1 or part 2, check them out.  And yes, I realize I’ve listed way more than 10…

reasons-to-do-complexes pic

Here are some great reasons to do Complexes [image from flickr_kevin_graves]

Top Ten Reasons To Do Complexes:

  1. They burn a lot of calories
  2. They are short and quick
  3. There are many variations
  4. Very little equipment needed
  5. Easy setup
  6. You can do them every day, even on days you lift or run
  7. Go light and they can be your warmup
  8. They ingrain the core lifting movements
  9. Dan John says to do them
  10. Good prep work before joining a crossfit gym
  11. They tend to burn fat while preserving muscle
  12. No strength loss
  13. Newbies will actually get stronger (but most people won’t)
  14. Your kids will think you’re pretty bad-ass
  15. They are fun
  16. There are endless options
  17. There are endless progressions
  18. Easy to regress (i.e. make it easier for newbies)
  19. Great for recovery; if you can’t lift heavy b/c of injury
  20. Full body workout
  21. They actually have a built-in warm-up because the weight is light; it doesn’t start feeling heavy until the second or third rounds
  22. If you design them right, the full ROM will carry over into increased ROM in life and in your main lifting routine
  23. ????  Other reasons you have?
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