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    Recovery time.

    I'm on 6x6x6 and I'm seeing good progress in strength. I've recently been reading Mike Metzner's work on intensity and I've started implementing some of his less bizarre principals into 6x6x6. I do this by making it a 6x6x4 instead. warmup – set1 working – set2 intenseYell(3rep) – set3 working – set4 intenseYell(to failure).

    Since then my squat and deadlift, which had plateaud for months at around 100kg (220lb), have increased to 134kg(SQ) and 126kg(DL) in just three weeks.

    Since I've been doing this I am sore for several days afterward and suspect that I need more recovery time. I'm considering spreading the four workouts (ABCD) over two weeks instead of trying to fit them all into one week. I'm finding I am unable to work as hard on Thursday and Friday (C&D) because I'm still tired and sore from A&B on monday and tuesday.

    I have purchased hypertrofreak and have been waiting for the time to seem right to change over to it. With 6 workout days spanning 8 days, it seems even less likely to allow adequate recovery to allow for full intensity workouts.

    I appreciate that recovery time is very much dependant upon the individual, but was wondering if there are any negatives to spreading the programs out over more days to allow for adequate recovery. I am not in any enormous hurry. I now know that it is the quality of a workout that results in gains, not the quantity.

    Any tips on when I should consider changing to hypertrofreak? I've been doing 6x6x6 for 4 months.

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    Hi Grant – I think you've posted before, but I'm not sure about your age, fitness level, experience, etc. so my reply below is somewhat generic.

    6x6x6 is a split routine:  upper vs. lower.  So essentially if you follow it as written, you get 3 to 4 days of recovery for the targeted muscles. And each week you have 3 non lifting days for overall recovery (unless your cardio on those off days is intense).

    Hypertrofreak is a more traditional bodybuilder type of routine focusing on different muscles in a more body-part split.  So you actually have more rest per muscle group.  (This actually gets confusing a bit, since there are two different routines in Hypertrofreak, and the routines are more complicated in the sense that they don't use 7-day weeks.  But anyway…)  The difficult thing about Hypertrofreak is the overall recovery is a challenge and it's not designed to be a year-round program.

    Metzner's “single set” concept and “each body part once per week” are ideal for people who already have the mass and strength they want and simply want to maintain.  I have not found good evidence that this approach can turn a 180 lb decent-shape guy into a 220 pound ripped powerhouse.

    I'm not sure what your overall goals are, but now to your specific questions

    – after 4 months of 6x6x6 it is certainly time to change things up; if mass is your current goal, the Hypertrofreak is a good choice

    – there isn't a “problem” with spreading a routine over more days; the ideal time to train a muscle is hard to determine, but if you train too early again then you disrupt the rebuild process and if you wait too long then you take longer to progress (and if you wait way too long, like weeks, then you lose the training effect almost entirely)

    – since you are not in a rush for results, then by all means add in a day of recovery here and there

    – but my advice would be to follow any routine (not just mine) as the author recommends at first; then, adjust as needed; if you feel like you need an extra recovery day between Workout 3 and workout 4, then start taking that extra day




    age, fitness level, experience, etc – 35yo, 8 months of lifting so far. 195lb. 10% body fat (caliper test) I'm a keen runner like you, but now lifting is my favorite and I use HIIT running intervals for cardio. I probably run too much, but love the social side of it.  My 8 months experience have been on your beginners program for 4 months then 6x6x6 for four months. I play soccer in the Aussie winter (only one month to go…). I am happy with my progress, I just want to ensure I'm getting the best results for the time and effort I put in.

    I think I'll swap to Hypertrofreak. The other issue I will need to overcome is trying to get my training partner to swap. As weights get heavier, a spotter becomes more and more important.

    Today (Sunday) is the first day I can say my legs and butt are not sore from Thursday's workout, so three days rest seems to be ok.



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