Free E-book Forum Specific Routines 6x6x6 with some tweaks.

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    I just read 6x6x6 and have finished four cycles of FullBodyAttack.  I'm now taking a break for five days and will start 6x6x6 on Saturday, because I've been working out for about 5 mos. straight.  

    I'm very impressed with the information in the ebook.  If readers of this forum have FullBodyAttack and are at least an intermediate lifter, they should purchase 6x6x6, because it has great insights for how to address specific needs and how to keep progressing once reaching the intermediate level.


    I have relatively slow recovery times, especially for my lower body.  My lower body is also behind in development and strength in relation to my upper body, but I'm somewhat advanced with respect to how quickly I stop progressing with any program.  As such, what follows is my tentative plan that those of you that have followed will recognize.

    2-cycles as prescribed in the basic routine, followed by  4-cycles of daily undulation; back to 2-cycles of basic, followed by one week of FullBodyAttack. This will take about 80 days and will be followed by a week off.  After that, I'll reevaluate what to do next.

    1. Workout B

    2. Workout A

    3. Sprints till I puke

    4. Recovery

    5. Workout D

    6. Workout C

    7. Rest

    8. Sprints till I puke

    9. Recovery

    As you may have noticed, it's just like the program  proscribed for lifters with chicken legs except that I'll take 9 days instead of 8.  This is to address the longer-than-normal recovery that I require.


    This is great Greg!  Youy can see why in the latest version, I rewrote to add all those sections on how to customize the 6x6x6 Routine.  Each person has slightly different goals, different past experience, different condition, and different recovery.  Thank you so much for sharing your customization for others to benefit from!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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