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    Hi Darrin and guys on leanlifters,

    Any info on gaining size would be good particularly some advice on training my arms as they seem to be lagging behind. I’m tall but my shoulders aren’t that wide and I’m pretty sure I started out as an ectomorph but after 6 months of training, I see positive gains. I’m just lagging in the arms department.

    Thanks loads.



    Great to hear you are making gains! Before trying to troubleshoot, are you sure you aren’t making gains with your arms? Are you not getting stronger? Or are you getting stronger but not bigger? And is it just your opinion or do you have some objective way of knowing? I ask this because sometimes people are actually doing fine and making progress, but they just are blind to it.

    To help more, can you share what you have been doing that has produced gains for the rest of you, and also share what you have tried for arms?



    Hi Darrin, well I have seen gains in my arms but I feel that they’re still on the smaller side than compared to the gains my gym buddies are getting. But I certainly feel stronger as I am able to easily lift heavier weights. So I feel i’m getting stronger but not bigger.

    I usually train triceps on mondays and biceps on tuesdays. For triceps, I perform skullcrushers, tricep pulldowns, tricep extensions and for biceps I do preacher curls, barbell curls and incline dumbell curls. Should I add in more arms days in the week in addition to the compound exercises I do for the back, chest and shoulders? What about the type of exercises and the intensity I should focus on?




    That’s a lot of arms work already! I never program in arms at all, unless someone really, really has lagging arms. If you want arm size, they usually respond to the same general rules that other muscles respond to: once or twice a week, 3 sets of 10 (where you can just barely get the 10th rep), is a good protocol. And of course, assuming you are doing bench press and shoulder press, you are hitting your tris and if you are doing chinups and rows, then you are hitting bis. Instead of having arms days, how about just adding them to the end of the workouts where you are doing the other upper body movements?

    Lastly, you need to be VERY careful about comparing yourself to your buddies. Everyone progresses at different rates. If you are in this for the long haul, you will be fine.



    Thanks for your inputs Darrin! I’ll incorporate them into my workouts and i’ll be consistent throughout

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