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    Guys, im just wondering , when doing deadlifts what sort of weights do you use?

    I do like deadlifts with dumbbells more, 12 weeks ago i could only do 4 sets with 10kg, but for a week now, i can do them with 20KG (each) and for 4 good sets (thats 100% increase in 12 weeks Cool ) ,

    Do you use dumbbells or barbells and what sort of weight (just trying to get an idea)?



    If I'm on a strength workout (meaning, shooting for 4-6 reps), I'm barbell deadlifting about 300 pounds.



    I haven't tried my max, but I'm doing the 6x6x6 routine and for my sets of 3 reps I can only do 180 lbs.



    I have moved back to the Full Body Attack. Deadlifts are nost certainly have the hardest recovery time between sets. Tis excercise seems to impact many muscle groups. I am currently at 275 pounds and can get 7 reps on set 4 before failing. Just be very careful when performing this exercise.



    Deadlifts exercise are good for having perfect body. There are so many people who are having this exercise to get the fit and fine body.




    stair lifts

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