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    So here I am, another night of insomnia…. so I figured I'd post today's workout on here.  Get some comments on it from everyone.  After a shoulder injury in high school, followed by 2 years of not working out/ inconsistent working out  I am FINALLY starting to get some of my strength back.  My legs are about where they were 4 years ago, my upper body, chest and back in particular needs some work to get there.  I feel like I've done pretty well rehabing my should (it's obvious if you've ever heard me mention my style of workout or how much I military/shoulder press)  Body fat is getting close to where I want it too, last week I measured in at about 10.8%  about 3 or 4% more and i'll be happy :)


    Squats:  350×4, 375 x 3, 385×2   (Every rep was parallel, I'm very anal about this…)

    (last rep was pretty easy, I definitely had one more, if not two more in me)  I actually felt really good last week too, so I bumped up my weight by about 25 lbs. instead of 15 like I was planning with the last rep dropped lower.  Was scared I wouldn't have the energy left for the rest of the workout though so I didn't do it. Had a spotter here for the last two sets, I didn't use him, but had him by me anyways… safety firstWink  I already don't wear a weight belt anymore, so I don't wanna fall forward.  I'm usually pretty good about it though.

    DB Bench Press: 75×6, 80×4, 80×10  (didn't have anything available larger than 80's and again, had a bunch of gas left in me so I did it til failure there)

    Pull-ups: 2×10  (Long arms don't make pull-ups any easier, that's for sure)

    Standing Tricep Push-downs: 80×8, 85×6, 85×5 (last set I was shooting for 5, but at this point I was completely thrashed in my triceps from the bench.  When I finished benching I couldn't even lock out my elbows, so by the time I got here and grabed my handles I was hanging onto my entire arm from the elbow down was numb and tingley and could feel the muscles popping and crunching…. and I say that in the least painful, best way possible, lol.)  Needless to say, I was glad I was done with that last set.

    Standing Bicep Curls done on a Freemotion Cable Deadlift Machine (much easier to use, and rubber grips Cool + pin loaded…. I was tired of moving weights by now): 40×10, 50×8, 50×8, 60×6    MAYBE had one left two if I forced it, but I was mentally fried here.  Went up on EVERY exercise today in weight (some more than others) so I wanted to be done, haha.

    Some extra basic Ab work: about 2 minutes


    Total workout time, including warm-ups was about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Follow-up by some chicken and rice soup I stole from my roommate's side of the pantry and a chocolate protein shake…  Both were delicious, especially the free soup (most things free are…. except Coronas)  but, are a bad combo… I think I could have done better on the munchies choices.

    Any comments and suggestions?



    Sorry, I lied… since it's 4am it's technically “yesterday's workout.”



    Dude – that's pretty impressive.  What are your physical stats again (height, weight)?  I seem to remember you being around 170 pounds and if so, I had no idea you were that strong relative to your size.  Seriously good ratios there!



    I should be more specific – the squats are what I'm most impressed with!



    I'm about 5'10 1/2″

    Long arms and long legs… no torso.  I also have relatively wide shoulders, but i'm not big front to back which just makes benching even worse…

    I'm about 175 lbs. now.  Trying to get about 10 more off before I start putting on some size.

    I'm still recovering from a re-injury in my hips (I've pulled both abductors a few times and my left hip flexor once, strained my right one when I injured my abductors.) so it's takes me a good deal of warm-up for lower body/ cleans, snatches, etc..


    Put it like this for you 4 years ago, I weighed 153 and was in the 1000 lb. club with bench, squat, and clean… then I injured multiple joints at various times.  Needless to say, I learned my lesson about rushing things. :(


    It's really frusterating to know you've done something in the past every day, and not be able to do it anymore though, so it's hard not to push the limits.



    Just got measured @ work today:


    right arm=13 inches

    chest-39 1/2 inches

    waist- 34 7/8 inches (at belly button)

    hips- 40 1/2 inches (widest part of butt)

    right thigh- 22 1/2 inches

    right calf- 15 inches


    weigh was about 176lb.

    bf% was about 11%



    cool – reminds me that I should get measured soon.  I'm looking to get to 8% BF by end of june, and then see if I can stay there while adding another 10 pounds of muscle by end of year.



    Tough, but def. realistic.  I just realized a couple days ago that the spartan race is only 2 months away…. training for it is probably going to shed some body fat off me too…

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