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    I’ve been getting lots of emails thanking me for the little routines I put out so here’s another freebie: I call it the “Runaway Monkey”. Don’t ask me why.

    (Warm up with various low-intensity full body movements like calisthenics and such.)

    Do each round for time (round to nearest second)

    6 tire flips (3 there, 3 back)
    15 box jumps (18″)
    5 full kipping pullups on rings
    10 pushups
    1 hill sprint (short, about 70 feet)
    1 walk back (fast, but still walking not running)
    Rest exactly 3 minutes
    Repeat for total of three rounds and try to actually improve your time each round.

    No rest between movements except the time it takes to get to the station (i.e. to jog from the box jump place to the rings).

    Then do some core work (which will be harder b/c you are exhausted).

    I did 2:12, 2:08, 2:10 but this was my second workout of the day so normally I probably could have gone much faster.

    Add questions or comments here!

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