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    Hi I’m a soldier in the us army and I am in decent shape, I’m 5’11 193 with last time I was taped about 18% bf, I know that’s pretty bad. I’m here to ask ya all for help I’ve been reading all the different articles, I currently just deployed to Afghanistan so I have angood amount of time to train. I’d like to lose the tummy I have and see my abs for once. I’m 24 btw, also I was wondering if anyone has used that burn fat feed muscle and if it’s legit?

    Ok so my main questions, I want to lose fat and gain muscle and stay that way, over the next year I want to set a standard for my self to keep for the rest of my life, I want to be in the best shape of my life and I need help please. I want to understand what to do right and I want to do it naturally.

    How can I look like Ryan Reynolds or mark walberg from the fighter body wise and I don’t care if it takes 3 or 5 years, but I want to get a good understanding for how to get there! Right now I run in the mornings (still getting used to the elevation) and want to get a good ab routine for my mornings as well. I am learning to lift in the evenings but working on form right now.

    Any and all help would be appreciated!



    First off, thanks for serving our country.

    Second, sorry for the late reply – I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks.

    Now to your question…  “looking like person x” is a common desire and way to frame out goals.  But the two guys you mentioned have very different physiques.  So it's important to set your goals clearly.  Also, there are genetics that come into play – I mean that once you shed the fat your natural build may be more “small boned” or “big boned” (there are many technical terms describing this that I'll leave off).

    At your current level, the advice is simple (simple, meaning uncomplicated, but not easy):  lift the Big 7 and eat much smarter.  I would say that at 18% BF, you need to focus mostly on the eating smarter.  Did you download the free 3 Months to a New You?

    You don't need “ab routines”.  You need to shed fat.  The best way to do that is to eat less and eat healthy.  Simple.  But hard.



    Hmm… I thought I had written a reply to this a little while back… sorry about that, I guess there was a problem in my internet at the time (we were having issues with our modem a couple weeks ago.)  


    Anyways, look into Darrin's 6x6x6 routine if you've already checked out the free e-book.  Diet is going to be your key on this.  First thing, 18% while not great, isn't extremely terrible either, so I'd assume you are a bit more advanced than most people (outside of my knowledge of being in the military).  So the work ethic is there, try to avoid (or at least completely dissect) the information you hear about in the military; more often than  not the science is equivalent to that of a high school football coach.

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