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    I'll share this, despite some embarrassment, because I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes.

    Last week, as I was setting up the All-Access Pass, plus doing all kinds of high priority stuff at work, plus getting ready for a business trip, a family member of mine got sick.

    I don't want to go into details except to say that it was serious enough to end up in the emergency room and to require a lot of extra time from me.  (All seems fine now!)

    And to be honest, with all that stress, what concerned me most was:  How am I going to get my workouts in?

    Selfish?  Yeah, kinda.

    I haven't missed a scheduled workout in a long, long time.  I seem to never get seriously sick myself.  Plus, exercise is a huge stress reliever for me.  But NOT being able to exercise has become a SOURCE of stress.

    I did manage to get my workouts in (just not at the planned times and in some cases with less intensity than I would have preferred because my mind and emotions were distracted).  It all worked out fine – I took care of all I needed to, I got to workout, etc.

    But the way I handled it could have been better.  My obsession with exercise added stress, rather than reduced it.

    I wonder if that's a sign of addiction?

    Anybody else have similar reactions when life starts messing with their workouts?



    Although I'm sure you know this  DArrin, I'll say it anyways.  Yes, you are addicted.  While normally it's not bad, it can be.  For example, smiles.  Some people are addicted to making people happy.  while, yes this is a good tthing, the problem arises when they ONLY please others and not themselves or that they will do anything to get a smile (not always good things either).  I guess the morale here is “moderation is the key…”



    I've felt this stress before too, but not lately.  I think–for me–the reason I stress about missing a workout is because, too many times in the past, a missed workout has led me to quiting for a long period a time, and I used to fear this would happen if I didn't follow my schedule.

    But over the last couple of years, I've actually planned taking five or six days off, and followed through with it, and started right back.  Additionally, last year, I had two surgeries and one illness, two of which took me down to a loss of eight pounds.  In other words, my first surgery and my illness each took me back to the beginning in just a few days, but soon after recovering, I started back slowly.

    I think that (now) I more readily give myself a break for messing up or for something going wrong.  Also, over the years, I've noticed that, although I'm in good shape when I workout, the difference in the “out-of-shape me” and the “in-shape-me” is not as great as I used to imagine it to be.  Saying it another way…I used to think that since I had worked out without a break for so long, I must keep it up, or I would quickly wither away to nothing.  Over the years I've noticed that doesn't happen.  It takes me a long time to get out of shape, and my muscle memory catches me back up really quickly.



    this kind of situation occurs many a time in our life. Cry

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