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    So, a co-worker/ client and myself are thinking of getting some sponsors and driving to South Carolina in June for the Spartan Race (the 90 minute 3-miler…a.k.a. woosy version compared to the other 3)  the hardest one is about 48 hours long… :(  I'm not that motivated, lol.  I've only run a 5k once in my life, so this would eb a step up for me.  I was a sprinter in my athlete days, so distance is evil.  Any comments?





    Oh, that looks so cool!  June in South Carolina huh?  I'd love to join you….  maybe.  Your message implies you are doing the Spartan Sprint but the one in Carolina is the Super Spartan so I'm guessing I'm misunderstanding.

    It will be hot as heck though.

    Holy cow – I just noticed there is one in Vermont just 30 minutes from me!    But it is the Spartan Beast – I will have to train hard for that if I want to do it.



    I saw that today…. which sucks, I still think they have a smaller area inside it for the sprint.. if not, looks like ima get my butt kicked training for this things, lol.


    I'm trying to put a team of about  8 people together and find some sponsers.  It'd be great if you came down for the weekend to join us Cool Let me know what the travel expenses would be like and I'll see what we can do…Surprised



    The best flight I can find is $370 round trip.  Add in a rental car (airport about 2 hrs away) and 2 nights cheap hotel probably means $600 or so.  Not cheap – I'd love to do it, but obviously raising money would be tough.  So probably not this time.  I do have my eye on that VT one – I just wish it was a slightly easier one!



    How about a train? And I think I might be able to find 600…. I'll see what I can do.  I'll see what I can do to find rates for  some team rooms for the trip.  I'm looking to find 8… got 3 definites so far, and you make 4.  I'm pretty sure I could work it out to where you can make it. Wink



    Spartan Race We are in the middle of a Spartan Death Race training weekend up here in Pittsfield Vermont. It started out with a 30 mile mountain run…and now they are hauling rocks throughout the Amee farm. Stay tuned and keep motivated this weekend. If you are feeling down then STFU…


    That was a post i got a facebook yesterday… followed by te 10,000 push-p post today.


    So, why am I doing this again?  Something about a free beer and a medal for completing…. I'm kinda scared, lol



    Hey Cameron – can you send me where you saw that post on prepping for the spartan?


    Since I can't make the one down by you, a few of us here are going to form a 4-person team for the one in VT at the end of the summer.  We need to start putting together a training plan and I want to compare notes.  One thing's for sure, I'm not doing any 30-mile mountain runs anytime soon…  and 10,000 pushups in one day?  no way.



    Umm… Ours is a work in progress, lol. It's really experimental at this point. Only 2 of us are training together (because he works under me, so we spend all day together anyways). I can share a few things I know though about the race and what it means to us if it helps though. Keep in mind that every race is different so it'll vary, but I'll explain why I am doing things the way I am as I go.


    Our race is on a dirtbike track mostly. This means narrow, hilly and lots of turns. I'm pretty sure it's got some wooded area too, which means that it's not going to be flat, even on the flat parts. AND, to top it off the “good” terrain is going to sandy dirt at best, straight mud near the riverish areas at worst. We'll probably pick up about 10lbs of weight along the way between the water, mud, and dirt in our shoes. AND I don't get my music. The course is 8 miles and has 15 obstacles… unless they change it from now til then. This means that there is only about 800m inbetween each obstacle, in theory. If they DO have a couple right next to each other it will be 1 mile at the longest in between the two. That last little bit of information really helps for knnowing the type of cardio training to be doing. It seems that interval trainig is the best way, for the most part, to go. Obviously, the intervals will be LONG, however. I do wish I had a sandy beach or something to run on, that part is hard to simulate. My steady state I am doing (for now anyways) on a treadmill. We have two at work that go from -3 degrees decline to +30 degrees incline. I just set about 7mph pace and go from the top to the bottom the entire time, it's just a press of a button. I also wake up early once a week or so and go to a high school and run up and down the stadium bleachers and pull my explorer with a rope through the parking lot, trial and error told Rudy and myself that we need his expedition (it's heavier) and pushing might work better unless we can get a harness… hills are a pain in the butt. My resistance workouts have changed to about 20 reps with only like 1 minute for a break between sets.


    The known obstacles so far are:

    Rope nets to climb over

    Fire pits to jump over (my personal favorite :) )

    Mud pit crawls under barbed wire

    Stream swims

    Sprints while people hit you with the american gladiator q-tip looking things


    And I imagine in all this they will throw jumping off a cliff into water from a hangglider…… :|



    After looking at your race and comparing note, the terrain wil DEF. be different.


    The taunt you on your race with an otpion “i quit” exit at 3 miles before making you go 9 more miles if you want to finish.  Looks liek you will have a lot of climbing to do vs. my MASSIVE mudpits that they claim to be using.  I'm still amazed that they claim for both races people will be done in around 80 minutes…. I'll be lucky if i make the 2 1/2 hr mark, lol.


    Cameron's Race:

    Carolina Adventure World is a playground for mud-loving adults and the perfect spot for our Carolinas Super Spartan. A place for ATV’s and dirt bikes to explore over 100 miles of trails (you can rent both, there), this course will solely utilize the dirt-bike trails which means narrow single-track and rolling terrain. We plan on making the most of the river that runs through the park and the man-made lakes they have built so be ready to get wet. These folks have some serious earth moving equipment on-site which we plan on leveraging to build some big obstacles (BIG mud pits). I’m heading back to South Carolina once the snow melts and it’s warmer than 10 degrees to finalize the route so keep checking back for more updates.


    Darrin's Race:

    This is going to be a good test for all your Spartans out there in the New England and Tri-State area. I scouted Killington right before their first snowfall and it was cold, wet, dark and I was alone on the mountain. I left with another reminder of how awesome this area is. By the time you attack this beast it will be early August and you’ll probably be wishing it was raining while you climb 1600’ feet to the top of Skye Peak under the summer sun. I need another good scouting once the snow melts so keep checking back for updates but I do have a basic course laid out. For the most part this is going to be a big 8+ mile loop around the resort complete with a steep and long bushwhack, a short swim in shallow water, plenty of obstacles, and the usual fire jump and gladiator pit. I’m trying to see if I can work in a memorization test that will reward those of you who are used to working your prefrontal lobes and also a log carry that will certainly make things more frustrating. But, with frustration and challenge comes greater reward, right?


    O.o Darrin get's a log carry…..  sounds rough.  HAHA.   My biggest problem is motivation.  I'm going to do it either way, I just can't find the motivation to train for it.  I HATE cardio, I always have.  After 2 1/2 miles i'm like %&# this %@^ and just do something else.  Any ideas on a competition or something to motivate me?  I personally think Greg should mosey on over here from TN and join us :).  We still need one more person for our team.  You do Darrin, however get 3 rest points.  I don't think I get any water stops (J/K, we get 2).  They'll just make us drink the mud water like a real Spartan :D.   The info comes from  All the other random 10k push-up stuff  and videos come from “The Spartan Race” group on facebook… Maybe you should log on and see it now Darrin. :)



    Ok, I'm a little disappointed.  After watching some videos it isn't as grueling as I thought it would be (they claimed on the waiver that I might get hit by a car).  The hardest part is definitely going to be the 8+ miles on soft, hilly dirt.  The obstacles are nothign compared to my own workouts i give myself :)



    That's a bummer.  My Vermont team (4 of us) are meeting next weekend to go over our course, our training plan, etc, etc.  Then we'll start getting more serious.  However, our goals are simply to finish.  We'll have two people in their 30s, one in their 40s (me), and one in their 50s.  For the running, the 50-yr old will smoke us.  But the rest of us are stronger so it depends on what the obstacles are.

    You said you “don't get your music” – is that just because you don't want to trash your mp3 player?  I remember when I did the Oklahoma 1/2 marathon, they said “no mp3 players” (I think it was for safety, so you'd hear all the surrounding things like cars or other runners) which was a shock to me.  So I did the full run without, but it was mentally hard.  I usually listen to podcasts rather than music though…

    Glad to hear you won't get hit by a car – ha!



    50ft mudpits under barbed wire and mp3 players don't mix…



    make that a 200 yd. barbed wire mudpit…I stand corrected



    *smh* watched the video…absolutely nuts…



    I'm packing my suitcase for the 2 day trip down to SC for the race… I'm so not ready, mentally or physically, and almost pulled my hip flexor (again) playing kickball monday…. ugh… wish me luck everyone.  I'll post up what all was in our race when I'm done.

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