Group Metabolic Training for Strength and Fat Loss

Group Metabolic Training

Can you get stronger and lose fat at the same time?  Definitely.  Using fairly heavy resistance (heavier than you do at “bootcamps” but lighter than if you were doing pure weight lifting) with short rest periods, has been proven in many academic studies to be the best method for shedding fat without losing muscle.  Most people actually gain a little muscle initially and get a lot stronger.

The type of group metabolic training I do involves the following concepts:

  • full body
  • time efficient
  • metabolically taxing (for fat loss)
  • emphasizes strength movements and heavy implements (barbells, kettlebells, as well as bodyweight)
  • proper movements (I’m consistently teaching you)
  • has the right blend of consistency and variability

For example, one day we’ll do relays, the next day focus on upper body strength, then mix it up.  There are a few “go to” routines that we’ll do periodically so you can gauge your progress.

  • Assessment of where you are and where you need to improve.

    Examples of Group Metabolic Training

  • Overall strength development.  With a variety of techniques, including bodyweight training, weight lifting, and odd implements, we WILL get you stronger.
  • Technique and Form.  I am adamant that you learn proper form even while pushing yourself hard.
  • Overall running development.  How to safely increase your distance and/or pace.
  • Nutrition strategies.
  • Outside experts.  I’m not an expert in everything.  Based on the needs of the group, I may bring in someone with more running experience or other skill to help you and others progress.

This Seems Like Crossfit – Is It?

Crossfit has become hugely popular.  And it has a lot of benefits for people who are very fit, very athletic, and/or have great genetics.  It requires a lot of technical skill to perform without injury and your joints take a pounding.  I love Crossfit.  But it’s not for everyone.

There are similarities in my Group Metabolic Training to Crossfit.  We use some of the same protocols and when you are ready we incorporate barbell movements.  As the list above shows, there is some crossover.

My Group Metabolic Training is also similar to my Obstacle Course Training.  The main different from that is that with my Obstacle Course Clients, I give them a more customized program that includes work sessions on their own, along with specific skill development.

Why Is This Better?

This type of training is not for everyone.  I require that you have a good, safe range of mobility.  It’s ok if you are weak or out of shape to start with.  But if you have major hip or shoulder issues, let’s talk first.

Yeah, we'll do a lot of barbell training too!

Yeah, we’ll do a lot of barbell training too!

Assuming you are healthy to start, Group Metabolic Training has a lot of advantages

  • cheaper than one-on-one personal training
  • lots of instruction; I’m really focused on you using good form so I consistently teach you proper movement
  • more fun, since you are part of a group
  • more motivating than training on your own
  • better at building strength than running (and actually this is a great complement to running)
  • time efficient – you’ll work hard, but the metabolic cost (calorie burn) you get for the amount of time training is higher than almost any other type of training
  • preserves muscle (some endurance activities actually eat muscle; this can build it)
  • safer/less brutal than Crossfit
  • individualized – you pick loads that fit you, not a one-size-fits-all
  • self-regulated – if you are feeling off one day, you can take it lighter
  • this is small group training, so that I can responsibly coach you through it; unlike some huge classes where instructors really can’t pay much attention; that said, once in a while we will combine groups into bigger sessions especially when we are outdoors

If you are interested email me at darrinclement @ .

When/How Often?

The exact schedule changes based on the number of participants and the time of year.  For each “season”, I determine the times that fits everyone as best as possible.  Once set, you’ll want to attend 2 or 3 times a week.  Each session will last about an hour.  There will be times when we have to shift schedules because of my vacation, competitions I’m in, etc.

How Much Will This Cost?

Pricing depends on whether you are a 2x/wk person or a 3x/wk person:  $35/week for 3x or $28.75/week for 2x.

Can You Guarantee Me Results?

More examples of getting strong while burning fat

Of course I can’t guarantee any particular person anything.  But if you aren’t happy with how things are going, and you aren’t getting stronger and leaner with more endurance, then I’ll refund your balance.   I don’t want to be paid if you aren’t happy with the results you’re getting.

Why Darrin?

The real reasons you should consider doing this with me are

  1. Experience.  I’ve also competed in Obstacle Races, Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, and various running events.
  2. Certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
  3. I’m not a champion.  Yeah, that’s actually a good thing here – I’m not superhuman and chances are you aren’t either.  Which means I’ve had to develop good practices to overcome pretty mediocre genetics.  I can share these.
  4. I’m local.  If you are near Thetford, Vermont, this is convenient.
  5. Affordable.  I don’t know anywhere you can get this level of training at this price.
  6. Be part of a group.  Even if you don’t want to do an actual event, you’ll be part of a group that motivates each other.
  7. The right amount of pressure.  I’m going to push you but not beyond your own goals.  We’ll work on your goals up front and THAT is what we’ll work towards.

If you are interested email me at darrinclement @ .

p.s. If instead you prefer one-on-one personal training, contact me via email and we can discuss.

Pics via flickr thanks to Kepler Fontenele, Crossfit Fever, Crossfit Kandahar, Rose Physical Therapy, Byron Grom, Jamie Jamieson
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