Those of you who have ever bought any of my lifting programs know I always include shoulder presses, in various forms.

I adamantly believe that the standard barbell vertical press (a/k/a barbell shoulder press, a/k/a military press, a/k/a some other names) is the best form to be doing throughout the year.  That said, I hate monotony and include Arnold Presses in some routines (for example the 6x6x6 Routine).

Most people do Arnold Presses sitting down.  DON’T!

Doing them sitting with your back on a seated bench has various drawbacks:

  • reduced core stabilization
  • usually done with improper back arch
  • requires you to wait around for that seated bench to be available (wastes time)
  • less transfer of skill/strength to other exercises

Instead, do them standing. This video shows you how to do them, but I add something most people forget about:  low ceilings.

Many of you, like me, often work out in home gyms with low ceilings.  So what should you do?

Should you do them sitting?  Again, NO!

You do them kneeling.  So I call them “Kneeling Arnolds”.  You get almost all the benefits of standing.

Here’s the video:

What form do you use? Add Comments Below!

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