For years I’ve just been taking my wedding ring off when I lift.  I don’t want it scratched up by the bar.  Given that this (lifting) is something I want to do the rest of my life, and this (my ring) is something I want to last till death, that seemed like the only solution.

lifters ring wrapper, ring guard

Cover/wrap your ring instead of removing it when lifting?

But it’s a pain to take it off.

Sometimes, usually when it’s hot and humid, it takes a lot of soap and elbow grease to get it off.  Leaves my knuckle a little raw.

And then there’s the fear of losing it.  I have a decent home gym so most days it’s not an issue around loss, but whenever I travel or go to a commercial gym, I leave it in my hotel room or my car.  Easy to forget, right?  Not to mention my wife doesn’t like me out and about without my wedding ring.

Back in my early days of lifting, I’d wear gloves because I didn’t want my hands to get rough.  Sheesh.  Hard to remember how lame I was.  Now I take my callouses as pride.  And clearly gloves stink for grip. Plus you look like a fool if you are wearing gloves.  So gloves are out.

So what is the solution?

I’ve been messing around with various ideas and think I’ve stumbled on something that might be a really good solution.  I don’t have a name for it yet, but essentially it’s just a ring protector for when you lift weights (or other similar activity).  Here’s a picture:

lifter ring protector

A simple device to protect your ring while lifting

I’ve been using it for several sessions and it has a ton of advantages:

  • easy to put on
  • stays on, no adjusting during session at all
  • doesn’t slip around or anything
  • comfortable, barely notice it’s on
  • zero negative impact on lifts; even pulls
  • I’ve used chalk with no problems
  • I’ve even washed my hands and it just stays on
  • easy to take off (which is surprising, since it stays on so well)
  • no degradation – after many hours of lifting, the piece looks like when I first made it; no wear and tear

I think I might be onto something here but I need others to test it.

lifters_ring_protector (1) lifters_ring_guard

So here’s a “first mover” offer.  I’ve made a bunch more and I’m going to send a free one to the first people who email me.

Email me at “darrin” then put that funny @ symbol and then “”  (sorry to be so laborious but I hate getting spam).  Subscribers only.  Once the ones I’ve made are gone, then I’ll have to figure out something else.

For US folks, these are small and light so I can just put them in an envelope to mail.  If you are not in the US, then we’ll have to work out shipping costs.

But here’s the condition:  you must give me detailed written feedback after you’ve used them.  I want to hear the good and the bad.  Before I even consider mass producing these I need to get honest feedback.  I’m pretty sure you are going to love it as much as I do, but if not then tell me.

So, send me your name and mailing address to the above email address.  And include your finger size.  I’m talking about “fatness” of your fingers.  This isn’t going to be exact, but heavyweights would probably be XL, a large male with thick fingers is probably L, most lean men are probably M (that’s me) and heavier females are probably also an M, and most females or males with really thin fingers would be S.


I’m all out of the first batch but if you leave a comment below, and I get enough comments, I’ll make another batch and send some out.  Please chime in here on what you currently do.  How do you protect your ring while you are lifting?  Do you just take it off?

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