There are many old-school techniques for pushing yourself harder when seeking hypertrophy (muscle growth).  Arnold’s Encyclopedia, even if dated, does a great job highlighting various methods – drop sets, assisted reps, rest/pause, etc.  I’ve written about many of these here, here and here (and probably many more past articles).  But it seems common knowledge that you just can’t do drop sets all the time – you’ll burn out.  John Meadows does a great job explaining a fairly simple technique to periodize these methods – you can start following it immediately:     .

Intensity image from t-nation

I’m trying very hard to avoid processed wheat (though not worried about being gluten free) and I recently wrote about a great no-wheat bread recipe.  But what about pizza?  Pizza (plus bacon and protein oatmeal) is one of my favorite foods so I went in search of a wheat-free pizza crust.  After reading several, I tried this one (link below). Result: easy, great texture, excellent appearance, but kinda bland in taste. Secret tip in this recipe is the use of parchment paper: .

Women get such awful fitness advice. I have no idea why, but for decades women’s “return on exercise” (meaning, the benefits they get from the amount of time they put into it) has been low. The keys to what mistakes women make – and what do to about it are in this great article from the Poliquin Group. I’ve shared this with my family (all female except me) though they’ve heard me say all this before. You should share it too:

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