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Beginners Need
Full Body Routines

When you're just starting out, or just getting back into weight training after years "off", you wanna start with a program that will get you results, right?

See, when I started out (20 years ago), everybody was doing split-routines. That's where you "split" your muscles and work them on different days. You know, "chest and triceps" days. "Back and biceps" days. Etc.

Even today, you still get the muscle-mags telling you to split your body parts for weight lifting.


The problem is, that is the worst way to start weight training.

Maybe you didn't know that. I didn't.

In Search Of The Best Beginning Weight Lifting Program

After many years where I lifted more donuts than weights, I decided to get back into it.

So what did I do? I did what I used to do: split-routines.

But I barely gained any muscle. In fact, because I also started running, I was losing muscle.


Clearly I was doing something wrong. See, I wanted to build muscle and lose fat. (Isn't that what you want too?)

So I started reading everything I could on building muscle. Books. Scientific articles. Even blogs.

And I wanted to make it count. After all, I was older, and so I knew gaining muscle was going to be harder than when I was in my early 20s.

What I found surprised me.

You see, the early bodybuilders had it right - back in the 1940s and 1950s (pre-steroids) - most guys did full-body weightlifting routines and saw great results.

The natural way.

But then by the 1980s everyone got side-tracked into body-part splits.

Don't get me wrong - there is still some value to split routines. But not for beginners. And not even for most intermediate weight lifters. And not for people just getting back into weight lifting, no matter what your previous routine was.

The Best Routines For Beginners Are Full Body Routines

It's pretty clear, now that the science has come out, that the best way to pack on muscle while burning fat, and minimizing joint injury, is to do full-body routines:

Weight training programs where you exercise your full body each workout with challenging weights.

Of course, beginners aren't the only ones who benefit from a full-body workout. Even more advanced lifters should insert full-body routines into their annual weightlifting programs.

(This would be called "periodization" but you probably don't care what it's called - you just need to know that it maximizes your results.)

But where can you find a proven routine that isn't full of hype or that costs too much?

That's Why I Created Full Body Attack, the WorldFitnessNetwork Program For
Results-Oriented Workouts


I designed this weight training program for people like you to get used to weight lifting (whether you are a newbie or just getting back into it - a lot has changed in the past few years in our understanding of how the body responds to certain programs).

It's easy to follow so you won't give up. As you probably know, sticking to a program is the most important factor in success. In fact, I'd even say that sticking to a mediocre program is better than haphazardly doing a great program.

But lots of the free weight lifting programs you find online, quite frankly, suck.

As you can see from people who are using my routine, it does not suck.

"Well just wanted to let you know that I am now thoroughly enjoying this workout. is just what I was looking for. Something easy to get me started into a routine again and being able to keep up with it. I will definitely come back after using this workout for 12/13 wks, 6 wks on 1 off, and 6 on again."

-Daniel Ating


"Its a good feeling to go to the gym and perform a routine that is not random of what you are comfortable with! At 49 the execution of these exercises to failure has put a whole new meaning to the workout; and a sense of co-ordinated accomplishment when done..."

- Shane Moscatelli


"Couple of clicks and some buttons pressed and I bought Full Body Attack. Good program! Much simpler than other starter programs I've seen, especially the "free" ones on the web."

-Alex Stefanescu


You Can Order This Now!

But before you do, I want to include some additional free guides for you. Essentially, I want to make this offer so compelling that you say "Uh, Darrin, I don't think you are a very good businessman because you are giving away too much for $10"... Keep reading and see if you feel that way.

I Actually Use This Myself!

Online these days, you'll see muscle-bound "gurus" trying to sell you expensive programs that they don't even follow themselves.

But that's not how I do things.

This is the weight lifting program I put together for myself when I got back into weight lifting after several years off. In the interim, I did a lot of research - both scientific research and anecdotal reports - about what the best workouts were.

I came to the conclusion that a full-body workout was the best thing to start with and I tested this exact program myself. And now you can order it here.

Plus, I think this workout weight lifting routine is actually fun to do! I look forward to doing each workout when I'm following this program!

Not Just For Beginners

As good as this is for beginners, this is not just for beginners. I know people who follow a similar program to this all year round and continue to see gains year after year.

In fact, I think this is such a great weight-training program that I repeat this program myself each year as part of my 12 month program.

"Darrin: Terrific. It's absolutely terrific. I'm 40 and have been lifting for years. Having seemingly plateaued, I'd all but given up striving for further mass gains. Your site has been very helpful, and it has caused me to recall certain basic lessons of long ago that I seem to have forgotten.
For example, I'd all but given up doing deadlifts. Unforgiveable, I know. FBA is really kicking my a**. I've been doing these movements for years, but never in this order, or with the 60-sec. rest. Intense! Just maybe it's not to late for an old dog to learn new tricks and grow again. Thanks again. Scott"

-Scott Slater


At Only $10, There's Really No Risk

I kept this PDF ebook guide focused on the program so that I could offer it to you at such a low price - I want everyone to learn from this.

So it's only $10.

I probably could charge more, but that might limit you from getting going and I want you to succeed - in fact, I'm betting that for this measly $10, you'll be writing me a few weeks from now saying how much you benefited.

You may even say "this is the best $10 I spent on my physical fitness!"

beginning weight training

Order Today And Get - for FREE
An Additional PDF Book For Beginners

I've compiled a lot of incredibly valuable information on special considerations for the older person who's just starting out, or the younger person who's just starting out.

And I've put it all into a 44-page overview on how to train.

It's called Starting Weight Training, for Older Adults And Younger Youths.

This is a great resource to complement Full Body Attack and I'm giving it to you for free if you order today!

more free reports

Also Included - Two FREE Reports

I've put together two short reports that might apply to you, or someone you know.

The Basics Of Vegetarian-Vegan Body Building is a brief introduction to how you can still build muscle if you are a vegetarian or a vegan. Although this is short, it's packed with good tips and inspiration.

The second report, Weight Lifting For the Diabetic, highlights special considerations for diabetic lifters. Of course, this is no substitute for sound medical advice, but it's free with your order.

And that's still not all...

What If I Also Included Some Additional Tips
To Help You Get The Most Out Of Every Workout?


You probably (hopefully) already have a program you are following - a specific set of exercises, # of sets, # of reps, # of days per week, etc. that define your overall routine.

(If you don't, shame on you! Don't just "wing it" in the weight room! Sign up at to get on our mailing list, which includes program tips.)

But even if you've got a great program, and you order FullBodyAttack, you still need some insights to maximize your workouts.

This is especially important for beginners.

So I'm including a copy of Train Better To Gain More and Lose More if you order FullBodyAttack today!

This is no small bonus and if you haven't figured it out yet, I am absolutely giving you every incentive I can think of to get FullBodyAttack.

Here's more on Train Better...

What Is Train Better and
Why Am I Including It For Free?

Train Better To Gain More And Lose More goes beyond the exercises and gives advice on the mental side of weight training. Lots of stuff on diet.

Plus, this resource is so valuable for beginners because it has a whole chapter on the basics of weight lifting - things like the different types of barbells, what is a set, etc. So that chapter is critical for newbies.

Actually, here are the chapters:

  • Weight lifting 101 - purely for beginners
  • Workout principles - even intermediates will find value in this chapter
  • Dieting and food - great for everyone on this call
  • Mental focus - again, important stuff no matter what level you are at
  • And finally Training Tips - I put this last in the compilation because its important to understand the principles behind the recommendations first.

It's 200 pages of extra advice!

I'm going to include this for free to everyone who buys a copy of FullBodyAttack today. Honestly, I could sell that for another $37 but I'm just going to give it to you because it goes well with FullBodyAttack. And of course, I may withdraw this offer at any time.

To Top It All Off, You Get My Personal Guarantee:

100% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

After reading the tips in this program, if you do not radically improve your lifting to make better progress, or if for any reason you are not satisfied with anything these books teach, please contact me and we'll issue a full refund immediately.
No hard feelings.

Scroll down and place your order right now.


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P.S. Don't forget that if you don't like it, I'll refund your money. And let you keep "Starting Weight Training". So all the risk is mine!

P.P.S. And if you do love it, would you drop me a note at telling me how it changed your life?

"I have picked up a couple of your e-books and find them to be greatly valuable resources for training. Your direct and concise approach is spot-on."

-Paul Cregan


Full Body Attack is a full-body weight lifting routine for beginners who need a strong program for weight training.