Building Muscle Mass Isn't Rocket Science - It Just Requires
A Good Program And Hard Work

hypertrophy program

Look, I know you get told all the time about great lifting routines.

They all promise great results.

I could tell you that my new program Hypertrofreak is the best of them all.

But that would be lying.

Part of the lie would be that "best" is a relative term. Best for what? Building muscle? Gaining strength? Burning fat?

But even if we narrowed down your goals to "building muscle", I can't tell you that Hypertrofreak is the best.

Vince Delmonte has a great program out there. For $197. And Skip LaCour has many good programs. For $100 to $500. And those are all great. But expensive.

In fact, you could probably find free programs on the web that are good at hypertrophy (muscle mass building).

Of course, they don't have as cool of a name as "Hypertrofreak"! [That's a joke of course, and for the record I'm much better and designing programs than I am at telling jokes...] And, you have to research them, try them, figure out which are the good ones and which aren't. Because some of them are completely bogus.

So why am I asking you to spend $17 on my program, Hypertrofreak, if I'm not claiming it's the BEST?

Because I think it's a GREAT program, worth every penny you'd spend.

You will not be disappointed - and if you are, you'll get your money back.

build muscle size
This program is not for beginners!

This program has one goal in mind: build muscle mass for intermediate level lifters like you.

It's not for beginners and it's not for the most advanced lifters (who certainly don't need me to tell them what to do). DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN LIFTING FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR. I have different lifting programs for beginners.

It's only $17 and actually includes two versions: Hypertrofreak and Hypertrofreak2. You can read more below about why I'm including two programs in one. Short answer: no single program works best for everyone; some of you will respond better to program 1 and some will respond better to program 2 (the principles are similar but the routines are different).

Buy it, download it, try it for a few weeks. If you like it, keep it. If not, delete it and ask for a refund (which I of course will give - you can do a web search on my or my products and you'll not find a single case of anyone complaining about customer service; and if you do a search on me, most of the search results will talk about my mapping company).

I'm going to talk more about the features and benefits below, but if you want to skip all the sales hype, just click here to place your order.

If you are a beginner, do not buy this. So you should click here if you haven't already been lifting regularly for at least one year.

So Tell Me More

Most people just want to "get in shape" but you are obviously interested in building more muscle mass.

But it is really hard to add muscle.

In fact, it's easier to lose fat than to gain muscle. Think of it this way...

Have you ever heard of someone losing 50 pounds in a year? Sure you have. It's rare, but not unheard of.

Now, have you ever heard of someone gaining 50 pounds of muscle in one year?

No way.

But that doesn't mean there's no hope.

build more muscle
Everyone can build muscle - but it doesn't happen overnight

You CAN gain muscle mass.

Beginners gain muscle on just about any program.

But after your body is used to working out with weights, the muscle gains are harder to make.

In fact, many guys can lift for 2 or 3 years and not gain any mass after their first 6 months. That's frustrating.

I should point out that what you eat is just as important as how you lift, if you want to gain muscle. But I'm here to talk about a muscle building routine for lifting.

Hypertrofreak was designed as a blend of several principles for building mass. In many ways, the roots are similar to the basic bodybuilding principles of the 1970s. But I have included several twists that incorporate ideas that science and practice have shown to be superior.

Here's What People Who Tried Hypertrofreak Say

These people tried Hypertrofreak for just 4 weeks, and range in ages from early 20s to early 50s, male and female. I wish I thought ahead to get photos, but actually, nobody believes before/after photos anyway right?

"All of the workouts have pretty much left me destroyed after doing them. Last weeks leg day on Wednesday, really, really did me in. I like the idea of the 12/10/8/6 routines, those were my goals for each workout. I know I gained size, I also increased my weight from abt. 210 to around 219 during those 4 weeks. Would I recommend this to someone HELL YES."

- Trent Doyle


" Versatile- There were many different exercises. This allows the program to maintain a sense of enjoyment. While my bodyfat didn't go up, I did however gain 2 lbs. while doing this workout. [Note - Cameron is an experienced lifter and only did Hypertrofreak for 4 weeks.] I cannot stress how happy i am you put cleans in there...."

-Cameron Stache


"I don't want to keep reading these - take me to the order form."

"I really give my best effort in each exercise and I was able to lift weights that I never did it before, as in the Squats and Presses. My body measures changed and increase, for example I used T Shirts 38 and now I 'm 40. I've really look stronger. The 5 better things of this workout are: 1.-That allows you to increase the weight, because are a few exercises per day. 2.-We are using compound movements that make more effective the daily workout. 3.-We dedicated more time to the legs which is good because as you mentioned the men always are worried about our torso when our legs are the columns of our body. 4.-There are specific groups of muscle which are more affected , but this specific muscles are those ones that let you see a muscular body as traps , back ,chest and legs. 5.-In my case it works!! "

- Fernando Guzman


"I an defiantly alot stronger,in the gym I go to my workout partner and I get alot of the men impressed with what we are doing asking if we are training for the Olympic ha ha,and asking about the program,don't worry we have kept it a secret,...deadlift ending up lifting 155 from 115...your programs are by far the best"

- Denise Herb (female!)


Why Two Versions?

hypertrophy program

Because building muscle is very difficult, everyone responds differently to routines.

While many people see some unbelievable gains under one program, other people may have trouble with the number of days and the limited recovery time. Rather than release the original program alone, I decided to hold off and study this more.

And it turned out that due to different muscle recovery time issues for different people, I really needed to offer TWO versions.

So there are indeed two programs in the Hypertrofreak ebook. I encourage you to start with the first Hypertrofreak program and see how you respond. If it feels after several weeks that you are overtraining, then switch to Hypertrofreak2. But you may never need or use Hypertrofreak2. Since I can't evaluate you personally, I'm giving you both programs!

Click here to go to the order form

"Listen the program was incredible...Also I know I look bigger because I have people asking many questions about what I'm currently doing with my workouts bumped into an old friend just as I was wrapping up the last few days of the programs he looked right at me and said "what the f--- have you been up to you look awesome!" I hope this helps once again thanks for the opportunity in trying another great program..."

- John Mantello


How Much Is This?

Most muscle building programs on the web are $47 or $97 or higher. (Notice how they all end in "7"???) And the best of them (like Vince's and Skip's, which I mentioned earlier) are over $100.

Even though this includes TWO routines (which I could have split and sold separately), I decided to charge just $17.

Now, for some of you $17 is nothing. But for others, $17 is tough. I understand that everyone is coming from a different place financially. But to make this easier on you, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As Always, You Get My Personal Guarantee:

100% Money Back Guarantee!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

After reading the tips in this program, if you do not radically improve your lifting to make better progress, or if for any reason you are not satisfied with anything these books teach, please contact me and we'll issue a full refund immediately.
No hard feelings.

Scroll down and place your order right now.

What I can NOT guarantee of course is how much progress you'll make - I have no control over how hard you work, how closely you follow this, how you eat, what your current health is, or anything like that. But I can guarantee that if you aren't happy with it you will get your money back.


Darrin Clement

hypertrophy routine YES! I want to get started on a great routine for increasing muscle mass

  • I understand I will receive the mini-book in easy-to-read PDF format.
  • I can easily print this on any printer so I'll have a hard copy.
  • If I don't see progress in the first 30 days, I can return this for a full refund.
  • I know that the secure processing site,, will convert my currency to US dollars for me, if my credit card is from a non-US bank.

P.S. Don't forget that if you don't like it, I'll refund your money.

P.P.S. And if you do love it, would you drop me a note at telling me your results?

"I have picked up a couple of your e-books and find them to be greatly valuable resources for training. Your direct and concise approach is spot-on."

-Paul Cregan


Hypertrofreak is a muscle-building routine, designed for increasing muscle mass.