Training Tips

How To Protect Your Ring While Lifting

For years I’ve just been taking my wedding ring off when I lift.  I don’t want it scratched up by the bar.  Given that this (lifting) is something I want to do the rest of my life, and this (my ring) is something I want to last till death, that seemed like the only solution. But it’s a pain...
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Intensity waves; Wheat-free pizza; Mistakes women make

There are many old-school techniques for pushing yourself harder when seeking hypertrophy (muscle growth).  Arnold’s Encyclopedia, even if dated, does a great job highlighting various methods – drop sets, assisted reps, rest/pause, etc.  I’ve written about many of these here, here and here (and probably many more past articles).  But it seems common knowledge that you just can’t do...
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Butter isn’t bad for you; Rep schemes; Glute training

Suddenly butter isn’t bad for you anymore. I don’t know how it started but for the past 20 years or so butter was evil and margarine was good; now it’s reversed. Given the process involved in creating butter (pretty basic) and how long butter has been around (very long), I’m siding with the traditional view that butter is good...
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Weight Lifting 101

6 Major Differences Between “Core” Training and “Traditional” Training

Guest Author:  Cameron Stache.  Cameron is a veteran fit coach for The Rush Fitness Complex in North Carolina.  He has experience in multiple types of training, fitness sales, and even trained managers for the company.  He is a certified Nutrition Coach through Dotfit and has trained people ranging from teenagers to seniors with goals as varying as weight loss,...
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Dieting & Food

A “Protein Bar” Is Actually a Carb

I recently wrote about how most yogurt should be thought of as a carb, not a protein. Protein Bars Are Mostly Carbs Well, would you believe the same holds true for so-called “protein bars”? Most protein bars are really only about 30% protein!  50% is carbs and 20% is fat. So that makes protein bars essentially “candy bars with...
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