Group Metabolic Training, Obstacle Course Training, and Pure Strength Training

I offer group training in three areas.  I like to keep class size small so that you get a lot of attention.  Usually two to four people.  As the weather improves, we’ll do more outside and combine classes.

1) Group Metabolic Training for Strength and Fat Loss

Focus:  fat loss emphasis while getting stronger too.  You can think of these workouts is kind of like bootcamps you might have seen or done, but more intense and with an emphasis on using free weights and getting stronger while shedding fat. (And yes, barbell training can be used to shed fat!)  Generally two to four times a week.  Includes instruction. For more info, click here.

2) Obstacle Course Training

Focus: training for your first obstacle course and/or improving your ability in your next one!  This is a more advanced version of the Group Metabolic Training with some training as part of the group and some on your own.  The main difference between this and Group Metabolic Training is skill development (like spear throw) and assignments for you to do on your own.  I will assess you and give you a custom program to follow.  Click here for more info.

3) Pure Strength Training

Focus:  lifting weights to get stronger and add muscle mass.  Generally two to four times a week.

If you are interested email me at darrinclement @ .

We can then work out details.  Schedules vary based on participants at the time.

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