Spartan Training

Darrin doing the rope climb at a Spartan event

UPDATE:  Other articles in this series on this site are:

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  2. Spartan Training Plan – Draft
  3. Vermont Spartan Beast – Photos and Details
  4. More forthcoming, including Tough Mudder training

Some of you may have seen some recent discussion over at the forum on The Spartan:

This is one of those intense “races with obstacles”.  Cameron is doing one this month in SC and I’m doing one in August in VT.  The obstacles might be any variation of:

  • fire pits
  • 8 foot walls
  • mud pits
  • log carries
  • ponds
  • gladiators
  • barbed wire crawl-unders
  • etc.

I’ve got a team of 5 of us for the VT and each person is in different shape.  For example, one guy is strong as an ox but little running endurance whereas another guy has no problem with distance running but needs to work on upper body strength.

Our VT race is 12+ miles.  So clearly endurance and strength are both needed.

So the question arises:  how to train for this?

I’m going to be posting our training plans, in draft form and then in refined form, because I think WorldFitnessNetwork readers can learn from this even if you have no desire to do a Spartan race.  While these races gear a little more towards endurance, the strength and power components are there too.

My biggest concern is that I am nearing completion of a fat-burn phase I had planned, and was about to enter into a hypertrophy phase.  But training for this will change that a bit.  But I need to make sure I do not lose any muscle while training.

I’ll post the training plans in a couple days but in the mean time, any questions?

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