Weight Lifting 101

Sit-ups Suck, Don’t Work Your Abs

All this time you thought those thousands of sit-ups were going to build you a six pack… only to have me tell you that you might have been wasting your time. (And chances are, you have no business doing any abs work – unless your diet is great, you are doing compound weight training, and are already fairly lean.)...
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Rest & Recovery

How Do I Work The Fat Off My Gut?

Image Credit: itsnickssister LeanLifters reader Richard asked the following question in the comments to a previous article: Usually when I do situps/crunches, I would do like 3 sets and with each set I would do a different variation, like either crunches or legs in the air crunches etc etc. But which ab exercises do help burn that unwanted stomach...
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Exercises & Routines

Abs and Squats

You might remember a while back an article by Tom Venuto on the front squats. Today I’ve got a new take for you – from Mike Geary.  I’ve been doing front squats for a while now, and I’ve gotta agree with Mike about how amazing front squats are as a full-body exercise.  Here’s what he has to say: by...
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Dieting & Food

Belly Protrude Farther Than Chest? Don’t Do Abs Exercises!

We all want nice abs.

But let me tell you, if your belly sticks out farther than your chest, then you are wasting your time with abs exercises.

As a guy, if you are 15% bodyfat or more, you aren't going to see your abs even if you spend 1 hour a day on...

Click the title to read more. Oh...
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Mike Geary Interview Part 2 – Common Food Mistakes That Keep Your Abs Hidden By Fat

A few days ago, I sent you the interview which discussed various training aspects to consider for stripping off stubborn belly fat and uncovering those six pack abs that everyone wants. Today, I have the rest of the interview with Abs-Expert Mike Geary dealing with the best nutrition secrets to apply if you want to have any chance of...
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Dieting & Food

Mike Geary’s Free E-Book, Interview

Last week Mike Geary had a post and we had a lot of interest, so I got Mike to give away his original e-book, Training & Nutrition Secrets For a Lean Body. Just for being a LeanLifters subscriber, you can download it by clicking the link (the title itself in the previous sentence!) or the picture to the right:...
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