Training Tips

Technical Proficiency and Failure Training – How To Know When It’s Safe To Push To Failure

I just read a great article by Charles Staley that adds a whole new dimension to evaluating your experience level with lifting weights.  I’ve written in the past about how to rank yourself from Newbie to Pro but his take is refreshing and simple. The context here is about how close to failure you should go when weight lifting....
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Rest & Recovery

Form Failure vs Muscular Failure

Should you be training to failure?  What does that even mean? The last few reps are more important than all the previous reps. See, for strength and muscle growth, frequency trumps volume, but intensity trumps both volume and frequency.  And so the absolute most important thing you can do with lifting is to do so intensely.  This is true...
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Science News For Building Lean Muscle – Jan 25 2009

Editor’s note – There is so much monthly science news when it comes to muscle fitness, that it’s probably hard for you to keep up.  In these occasional posts, I’ll summarize various items of research in the past 90 days or so.  I’ll cite the official reports so that the hard-core of you can read the science for yourself. ...
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