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14 Ways To Lose Fat And/Or Gain Muscle On Vacation

Can you possibly lose fat or even gain muscle while on vacation?  Absolutely.  It’s not easy of course.  You are on vacation after all, so you probably want to indulge and eat and relax. Here are some tips to actually lose fat and/or gain muscle and STILL have a fun indulgent vacation. Let’s say you are taking a one...
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Weight Lifting 101

25 Ways To Be Unfat

Nobody wants to be a fatty.  Whether you are now fat, on your way to being fat, or just want to get leaner, there are countless things to keep in mind. With so many tips, I’ll overrule my usual verbose nature and dive in, somewhat tersely, with the 25 Ways To Be Unfat.  Each of these could be its...
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What You Need To Know About Fasting for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain

You’ve heard the preachers, including me, talk about how important it is to eat every 2 to 3 hours.  And how important breakfast is. But are we right? Does fasting help or hurt fat loss and muscle building? Two counter-approaches contradict the above recommendations: a)      Intermittent Fasting (complete fasting for at least 24 hrs once a week or so)...
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Dieting & Food

Eating To Gain Muscle Or Lose Fat – It’s Almost The Same

Are you trying to lose fat? Or to gain muscle?
That probably seems like a big question, huh? In fact, I get questions from readers all the time asking things like "what are the best guidelines for eating when you want to lose fat?" or "I'm trying to add a lot of muscle - how should I eat?".
What I...
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1200 Calorie Days

I know I just sent you Tom's incredible article critiquing the TV show The Biggest Loser. Well, I happened to just see this week's episode.
Overall, I enjoyed it. I won't repeat Tom's list of all the positives here. But I do have one specific that astonished me...
One of the trainers mentioned to a contestant - a...
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Training Tips

Watching The Scale

You're trying to lose weight, right?
No, you just think you are. You are actually trying to shed fat.
You've been working out, just like I advise, using weight training and cardio.
But each week, the scale is only going down 1 pound. Or maybe less.
What do you do?
Click the title link to read more... ...
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Fat Loss And Reality TV

I almost never talk about other people’s blogs but I’m making an exception today. This is the best analysis I’ve seen of the show The Biggest Loser. It happens to come from one of my favorite people in the fitness world, Tom Venuto.  He really gets to the core of the pros and cons of the show. There’s no...
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Exercises & Routines

AskMen? I don’t think so…

Nobody can go from undefined, fat, or flabby and one week be ripped. And I had my doubts about this article, that it would promise overnight results. Sure enough, it starts out talking about “getting ready for an unexpected beach event” or even “suddenly getting that date with a particular girl” as the impetus for the overnight...
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