The 35,000 Pounder Workout

Here’s a fun workout that will help you break up boredom you might be experiencing as you progress in your lifting program.  It’s called The 35,000 Pounder, and as the name implies, you’ll lift 35,000 pounds today.  I’ll tell you how I came up with it. But first, let me be clear that this is NOT for a regular...
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Exercises & Routines

Tips For Training Without A Spotter – The Big 7

You've probably noticed a big increase in the number of articles we're sharing. This means that our free content, and our LeanLifters content, are BOTH increasing fast.

Today, let's talk about spotting.

There are two basic reasons for a spotter:
First, a spotter helps prevent injury...
Second, a good spotter helps you get the most out of a set...

But sometimes, you...
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The Big 7 – The Seven Most Important Weight Training Exercises

This is a short article to set in stone the 7 most important weight lifting/weight training exercises. I've mentioned them several times in various posts, and also in several of my ebooks, but let's get this defined once and for all.

Plus, I think you'll like the potential debate I leave you with at the end of the post!

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