Taylor Lautner's Muscle Gain Story (pic from buzznet.com)
Taylor Lautner’s Muscle Gain Story (pic from buzznet.com)

How many stories have you heard about how Taylor Lautner, the 17-yr old kid in the popular Twilight movie “New Moon“, went from scrawny to brawny?

Some of you might saying “who?” but if you’ve got teenage daughters, you are probably sick of hearing about him.

Well here’s another story about how Taylor Lautner gained so much muscle.  But I’m taking a different angle than other writers.

I’ve dug up interviews with him and with his trainer to dissect what he did and what you can learn from it.  Although I’m a fan, this is not a “fan post”.  This is about your physique and how you can improve.

I think any guy out there has to be impressed with this kid.  He gained 30 pounds of muscle in a year, all naturally, and looks fantastic.  Who wouldn’t want that? (There is one imbalance we’ll need to talk about though.)

But here’s the question: If you want those results, why don’t you have them?

Reason: Because it takes hard work!

He’s no genetic superior to you!  The only advantage he might have over most of you (and me included) is that he’s younger.  Ok, so I’ll handicap him 10% because he’s at a great age metabolically to see muscle growth without fat growth.  But that’s only 10%.

So why don’t you look 90% as good as him?

Taylor Lawtner did two critical things:

a) he got great advice from someone who knew more than him

b) he worked incredibly hard, even when he didn’t feel like it

Can you say the same about yourself?  If not, why not?

Ok Darrin, Enough Lecture.  What Are the SECRETS He Used?

First, hear his own words for some of the techniques:

From what I can tell (using many resources beyond this video), he used 8 techniques that made a difference:

  1. He Set Goals – He had specific targets he had to achieve, dictated by the movie’s producers.  If he didn’t meet the goals, he would lose the part.  Serious motivation!
  2. Confidence – He had supreme conviction, almost cockiness, that he could do this; he even “guaranteed” the producers he’d add another 10 pounds of muscle!
  3. Ate Like A Horse – He ate a ton of food; every two hours.  Even when he didn’t feel like it.  This included protein drinks.
  4. Intense Routine – He lifted 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 on, 1 off etc.  [This is similar to the schedule I use in The 6x6x6 Routine, by the way.].  He was over-training (6 or 7 days a week) but started losing mass so scaled back. I note that he does abs only 3x a week but has an 8-pack.  Yes, an 8-pack.
  5. Periodization – He varied his weight/rep scheme periodically.  In other words, he didn’t do 3 sets of 10 all year long.  He added periods of higher weight, lower reps and higher reps, lower weight.  Just like I keep telling you to do!
  6. Power – His role required lots of agility so his routines included plyometrics and some martial arts.  Not sure if these helped in “mass gain” per se but they can have a big effect on your overall physique and athleticism.
  7. Go Negative – He did semi-weekly “super heavy negatives” where his trainer loaded up the bar with 40% higher weight than Talyor was used to and then he did a few sets of 5 negatives to “taste” what heavier weight felt like.
  8. He did cardio, but not too much.  I couldn’t find out exactly how much but I’m guessing that was designed to help ensure that his extra calories didn’t turn into fat.

Surprises In Taylor Lautner’s Workouts

There were also a few things that surprised me, including:

  • His trainer, Jordan Yaum, actually encouraged a certain amount of junk food; the reason was that Taylor needed a ton of calories and things like burgers and milkshakes have a ton (note: remember, Taylor was starting out skinny)
  • While Taylor Lawtner looks muscular and lean, his posture is off – his shoulders slump forward; this is probably due to one of three reasons:  he over-trained his chest, which is common in guys and so their shoulders slump forward in a cro-magnon look; they intentionally told him to stand this way because it does give an illusion of being slightly bigger; or he simply has bad posture and nobody worked with him to correct it
  • For some lifts, he added bands to increase the resistance at the top of the movement
  • His trainer cites some weird technique as important:  “I use a technique called load under tension, and body torso adjustments under load, and it’s a system that utilizes finesse to contract the primary muscles disregarding stabilizers and secondary muscles. It’s a unique approach that is not common.”  The problem is, nobody I know has ever heard of this and we suspect it’s made up.  It’s possible it works (whatever it is) but you don’t need it to see muscle gains like Taylor Lautner.

So Now Back To YOU

So what are you going to take from this?  If you had one year (like he did), what progress could you make?  Or put another way, one year from now, what will you have accomplished?  Get started TODAY!

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