I continually have discussions online and offline about what the perfect size for a guy is, in terms of muscle mass.  Is the goal to be like Arnold?  Or to be really lean but having a nice layer of muscle?  Something in between?

Of course, it’s going to vary by individual tastes.

And I suspect that in general, guys will say other men look best with more muscle mass than women would say.

I also occasionally catch flack from some reader because I personally am not huge – of course, that’s fine by me.  Getting huge is NOT my goal!  [By the way, this might be a good time for you to review the LeanLifters Vision.]

So let’s make this a fun post today.  I want you to vote for one of 4 pictures below.  You vote by simply posting a comment here (it’s really easy – if you’ve never posted a comment before, don’t be intimidated – it takes 20 seconds).  Just add a comment with your vote, and your own gender – I want to see if women rate the pictures differently than the men.  If you want to add other comments, that’s fine but keep it pretty short.

Oh, and I’ve intentionally chosen pictures of guys that are pretty lean, but not unrealistically so.  I want these pictures to be within the realm of possibility for just about any guy reading this site.  All these guys are in the 8 to 10 % bodyfat (so, not competitive bodybuilders by modern standards).  But of course, given our focus on the site, they all have great muscular development.  And do NOT vote based on how handsome the guy is – we’re talking about the ideal muscle mass, not what his face looks like…

Ready?  Here are the four:

#1: smaller but muscular

#2: muscular, mid-sized

#3: pretty big

#4: really large

Which of these do you strive for (if you are a guy) and which do you aesthetically prefer (if you are a woman)?  Vote with comments!

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