Thank you for joining the official membership (either through LeanLifters or the paid LeanLifters All-Access Member program)!

With your username and password, you now have complete access to the entire site.  When you log in next time, you’ll see a mini-dashboard page called the “LeanLifters Dashboard“.  Even if you joined the basic Member program, you’ll still get access to that dashboard.

You’ll also get periodic updates, advice, and free stuff directly via email.  LeanLifters get more special content via email.  In fact, most of the special content comes via email.

As a reminder, here’s what you get (this is the short list – the longer list was on the page you just ordered from):

– access to all the articles on (even the ones that are password protected)

– access to the online exercise guide

– many special emails with free reports, free tools (like a workout log), copies of interviews, etc.; these all come via email, not on the site itself

– priority response time from Darrin to your individual questions (LeanLifters only)

Any questions?  Just email or .

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